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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

Soca Gold 2013

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01- Fantastic Friday (De Bouncin' Start).mp3
02- Bubble.mp3
03- Wining Queen.mp3
04- Manager.mp3
05- Differentology.mp3
06- Prescription.mp3
07- No Getaway.mp3
08- Pushing It.mp3
09- Backazz.mp3
10- Cyah Brother We.mp3
11- Thief a Wine.mp3
12- Ent Yuh Know.mp3
13- Indian Gyal.mp3
14- We Liming.mp3
15- We Want Drinkz [3 Zero Remix].mp3
16- Work That Thing.mp3
17- I Like Mushself.mp3
18- Bounce Around.mp3

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Anonymous said...

Can You Please Update none of the links work anymore

WinMax said...

I am in Toronto for Caribana.
I'll get to it when I return.

WinMax said...

New Link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Re-Up