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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

Look Into the Flower

Trip On Psychedelic Grooves With Blue Note

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Anonymous said...

Hi mate - awesome site. Totally agree with the 'if you really like it, then buy it' vibe but I got a problem - tryin' to open the "Look Into The Flower" Blue Note comp (which I have just bought on vinyl - lookin' for an MP3 version for my iTunes and found it here) and I can't without a password, it's encrypted. Any chance I can have the 'word dude? Fritz

WinMax said...

try (winjunk)

Anonymous said...

No joy, chap - but thanks for the reply - keep up what you're doing! Fritz

WinMax said...

sorry but I should have said not to use the brackets.
I download the file TripyFlower-wj.rar and used winjunk & it opened no problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for the uploads from the Blue Note series.
I want to open the file (Look into the flower) but unfortunatlly the password "winjunk" is not working with me... do yoy have another PW?
Thanks !