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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

Love Is So Nice (Songs For Valentine's Day)

1. Stephanie Cooke / Here With My Best Friend (Louie’s King Street Reprise)
2. Ananda Project / Stay As You Are (feat. Kai Martin)
3. MONDAY MICHIRU / The Right Time (Jephte’s Kileliye Mix)
4. Cafe Negro / In Your Eyes (Main Mix)
5. Jamico / Sometimes (feat. Jackie Cohen – Eric Kupper Classic mix edit)
6. DJ Pierre / Good Luv (feat. Queen Mary – Dennis Ferrer’s Between Da Sheets mix)
7. DJ Roland Clark / Love Is So Nice (Cybil Jefferies & Troyetta Knox – Malawi Rocks Funky club mix)
8. Mood II Swing / Magical Life (feat. Lauren – main mix)
9. Kimara Lovelace / How Much I Love You (Original Djed mix)
10. Blaze / Make The Time (feat. Arnold Jarvis)
11. Myra / Come To Me (Ricanstruction vocal mix)
Part One Part Two

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