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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

Living In The Streets Vol. 2

01. Katie Love & The Four Shades Of Black - Don't Let It Get To Your Head
02. Brenda Georgie - I Can't Stand It
03. Letta Mbulu - Afro Texas
04. Joe Houston - Kicking Back Pt 1&2
05. Joe Bataan - Theme From The Men
06. King Errisson - Sleep Talk
07. The Mighty Tom Cats & Ann Winley - Love Potion Cheeba-Cheeba
08. Macho - Mucho Macho
09. Irene Reid - I Must Be Doing Something Right
10. Byrdie Green - Return Of The Prodigal Son
11. Sharon Cash - Fever
12. Spanky Wilson - Kissing My Love
13. Esther Marrow - And When I Die
14. Walter Hawkins & Selah - Where Will You Run
15. Jambo - Harrambee
16. Preston Epps - Africa

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1 comment:

Luke63 said...

Thank you endlessly for this gem and the other 2 as well!