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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

Soca Gold 2009

“Handle Ya Bizniz” – Edwin Yearwood
“Bacchanal” – Destra Garcia
“Tusty – Roy Cape featuring Blaxx
“Head Bad” – Skinny Fabulous
“Plenty Gal” – Buji Garlin featuring Beenie Man
“Soca Daggering” – Jamesy P
“Tight” – Peter Ram
“Looking Hott” – Patrice Roberts
“Wine Up On Me” – Zoelah
“Jepp Sting Mania” – Kes, Ravi B & Hunter
“Yest” – KMC
“She Sexy Now” – Sean Caruth featuring Jamesy P
“Put Some Wine On Me” – Rita Jones
“Sexy Boo” – Trini Jacob
“Wrong Gal” – Red Plastic Bag
“Bashment Winners” – Lil Rick
“Radica” – Kenneth Salick
“Carnival Again” – Biggie Irie
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