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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

Soca Gold 2008

1. Get On - Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez
2. Breathless - Blaxx, Roy Cape
3. Gyal Farm - Kerwin DuBois, Shal Marshal
4. Feels Like I'm Home Again - Edwin Yearwood
5. Soka Junkie - Mr. Dale
6. Bring It - Bunji Garlin, Hunter
7. Pressure Boom - Ricky T.
8. Girls Gone Wild - Lil Rick
9. Wukking Up on Me - Tony Prescott, Surface
10. Wukking Up - Patrick Roberts
11. Chippin' (With Me Own Woman) - Farmer Nappy
12. Kick It Off - El-A-Kru
13. Me & You - Don Trent
14. Work of Art - Jamesy P., Jamesy P.
15. Down Dey - Sean Caruth
16. She Push He - Andy "Blood" Armstrong
17. Don't Call My Phone - Jadine
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