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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

NIGHTTIME LOVERS Vol.10 (with bonus Mix CD)

2CD, Scans | 225 MB | MP3 VBR 205 kbps
01. Angela Bofill - Can't Slow Down-1984
02. Jimmy Williams - All of my Lovin'-1983
03. Candy Bowman - I Wanna Feel Your Love-1981
04. The Jeff Lorber Band feat. Gavin Christopher - Best Part of the Night-1985
05. Richard Jon Smith - Baby's Got Another-(Got Another Re-Edit)-1983
06. Earl Turner - Love Caught You Be Surprise-1985
07. Elaine & Ellen - Fill Me Up-1979
08. Keith Sweat - My Mind Is Made Up-1985
09. Legacy - Word Up-1982
10. The Jones Girls - On Target-1983
11. The Hudsons - You Keep Me Up-1983
12. Kim Herte - Do You Wanna Dance (with Me)-1985
13. Glass - Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat-1982

01.Nighttime Lovers Vol 10-Mix by Frankie Rodriquez

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Unknown said...

I am very happy to find this greatest treasure, but unfortunately only vol.1 and 10 are active. Please can you re-post the Night Time Lovers Vol2 - 9? Thanks very much.

WinMax said...

Volumes 1-20
Night Time Lovers

maxx1190 said...

the link for
NIGHTTIME LOVERS Vol.10 CD1 link is not working.