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History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

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Aneesa Strings

A Shift in Paradigm
01. Flutterby
02. Letter of Recommendation
03. Indecision
04. Road Less Traveled
05. Nonstop
06. Simpin'
07. Overcast
08. Unrequited Love Poem
09. Underdog (feat. Ill Camille)
10. Reflections On a Ghost

12 Inch Dance House

1-1-Frankie Knuckles Feat. Jamie Principle - Your Love (12'' Mix)
1-2-Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)
1-3-Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk & Jessie Saunders Feat. Darryl Pandy - Love Can't Turn Around (Club Remix)
1-4-Cece Rogers - Someday (Club Mix)
1-5-Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)
1-6-Ralphi Rosario Feat. Xavier Gold - You Used To Hold Me (Kenny's Mix)
1-7-Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - Tears (Classic Vocal)
1-8-Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Original Instrumental Mix)
1-9-Adonis - No Way Back (Vocal)
1-10-Richie Rich - Salsa House (Original Mix)
1-11-New Order - Fine Time (Steve 'silk' Hurley Remix)
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2-1-Doug Lazy - Let It Roll (Vocal)
2-2-Adeva - Musical Freedom (Free At Last)
2-3-Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman (Remix)
2-4-Simon Harris - Bass (How Low Can You Go) (Bomb The House Mix)
2-5-D-Mob Feat. Gary Haisman - We Call It Acieed (The Matey Mix)
2-6-Together - Hardcore Uproar (Original Version)
2-7-Electra - Jibaro (English Version)
2-8-Innocence - Natural Thing (Elevation Mix)
2-9-The Beloved - The Sun Rising (Original Mix)
2-10-Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Club Mix)
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3-1-Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (12'' Mix)
3-2-Orbital - Chime (Extended Version)
3-3-Cabaret Voltaire - Keep On (Clubbing)
3-4-Little Louie Vega And Marc Anthony - Ride On The Rhythm (Masters At Work Dub)
3-5-Adeva - Respect (The Dancing Danny D Remix)
3-6-Cathy Dennis With D-Mob - C'mon And Get My Love (Dance Hall Mix)
3-7-Joe Roberts - Back In My Life (Classic Mix)
3-8-The Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (Graeme Park Remix)
3-9-JX - Son Of A Gun (Original Hooj 12'' Mix)
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Frankie Smith - Children Of Tomorrow


Bobby Womack

March 4, 1944 − June 27, 2014

Greatest Hits
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Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It


1.My Mommy Intro
2.Somethin' 4 da Honeyz
3.This Is How We Do It
5.I'll Do Anything
6.Don't Keep Me Waiting
7.Comin' Home
8.Introducing Shaunta
9.It's Over
10.Midnight Interlude
11.I Wanna
12.Down on My Knees
13.Gotta' Get My Roll On
14.Close the Door
15.Daddy's Home

Club Nouveau - Life, Love & Pain


1. Jealousy
2. Why You Treat Me So Bad
3. Lean On Me
4. Promises Promises
5. Situation #9
6. Heavy On My Mind
7. Let Me Go
8. Pump It Up (Reprise)

Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse


Soca Gold 2014

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Frankie Knuckles ~ Tales From Beyond The Tone Arm

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